Monday, May 3, 2010

zzzzzt... zzzzzzt..... zzzzzzzzzzzt.. zzt.. zzt.. zzzzzzzzzzzt..

It's been 2 years since the last time I went under the needle and had some new artwork done by my good friend Tom. The last time I went to see him he was the owner of 2TonTat2. Since then he sold the business and went out on his own to slow things down a bit open up a new shop and focus more on his art and riding his bike.
For a while I have been thinking about completing the piece I've had on my left shoulder and upper arm. The space left was the inside of my bicep. My plan was to keep with the cycling theme but keep it simple. I've seen alot of cool stuff lately as more and more pro cyclists are sporting full sleeve tattoos. I've been thinking about a script font tattoo for a while so I called up Tom told him what I was thinking and the place I wanted it to go.
Of course Tom did not disappoint me when I walked into his new tattoo/bike shop to inspect what he had drawn up for me.
I thought I had a cool bike room but Tom really took it to the next level with several bikes ranging from a custom cruiser a sweet dirt jump rig & various other dirt machines.

About an hour and a half later I walked out with a brand new tattoo and a big smile on my face.
I think Melinda was a little skeptical at first but once she saw the finished product she was impressed.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Was the "cry zone" that bad?


that's not your bicep!

sweet tat though!

Riding with dogs said...

AC it was prob one of the most painful but it was over quick.

Alan, I'll prove it to you @ the meeting.