Thursday, July 29, 2010

am I still alive?

Wow I need a break, it's been go go go all summer. We've done a ton of traveling and ridden something at every destination. I think all the riding and physical exertion coupled with extremely hot weather finally got to me yesterday.
I got a text message from AKS that there was a good sized crew heading over to Warriors for a bit of riding. My original plan was to head over to the weekly short track showdown @ ETSU. I've yet to race short track this summer and yesterday I stayed consistant and picked a ride in the woods over a race in the hay field.
I showed @ Warriors Path trailhead thinking it was going to be an easy ride with The Local Cult Hero and AKS but instead I ended up trying to keep up with a few rather faster than me riders. I was already sore from a previous P90X workout but I couldn't turn down a chance to ride with a big group. Most of my rides tend to be solo so I usually jump at any chance I get to ride with others. I need the interaction with other riders, not just because sometimes I start talking to trees or try to start up conversations with the deer who don't immediately run off when I come through, but to push me harder.
The ride started out a bit on the rough side with a flat and a spectacular wreck within the first 1.5 miles. I had a feeling I wasn't going to make it home as early as Melinda wanted me to.
As riders started dropping like flies, taking short cuts or just heading to the house all together I found myself pacing folks I had no business pacing. Needless to say by the time I got back to my truck I was so spent I didn't even have the energy to put the Karate Monkey on the roof rack so in the truck bed she went and she wasn't happy about it either. I've yet to take the trailer hitch off and put my hitch rack back on.
Later that night my semi sore legs were now really sore legs, arms and core. Before the night was over I had a temperature of 100. I'm not sure what caused that but after some thought I think I had just really run myself ragged. We spent 6 days camping and riding in PA @ Raystown Lake. I racked up alot of miles on the Monkey lately and upon returning home I really didn't allow myself to rest. Now I'm paying for that.
Yes I will be sharing my experiences from Pee-Ya soon, I've got to upload my pics and work on my trail footage.
I know my blog has been suffering lately but hey I need good experiences in order to share good stories. The Local Cult Hero actually had the nerve to tell me that I've been slacking lately on the blogger front. Hey man, I write more in a week than you do in a year and at least I use somewhat complete sentences not something like this mumbo jumbo

Rode new trails in PA
Dogs were there
Gave my brother in law a singletrack beat down
Melinda rode too
Camping is fun
Greg rides a singlespeed
Ride one too

No pics, no videos, just random sentences that really only make sense to the fools that were there with him. Visit his blog for the monthly post you'll see what I'm talking about. But hey, he is the Local Cult Hero and he's always danced to a different tune and while sometimes his clothes and dance leave you wondering if it's safe to stand near him he can always make you laugh and stick around to see whats coming up next.

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