Wednesday, July 14, 2010

porta john vision

After a brief conversation today with the fellers at the LBS it's official my new ride will not be here by next Monday for the Bays Mtn. race. Instead of spinning wildly down the gravel roads while watching half the field pass me I have decided to go ahead and take the loaner and race it. I hope to get out on it this weekend so that I don't feel like a fish out of water riding the tiny wheels with full squish. It's been a while since I rode a 26" wheeled bike but I don't see it being a hindrance.
Hopefully my entering the Crazy 8's 8k run Sat night won't hurt me but I have a feeling my legs will be toast afterward. I've not been running like I should have but that's nothing new and I know with the party like atmosphere and huge crowd I'll end up pushing myself past my limit. I'll be prepared though, hitting the recovery drink as soon as I'm done with the run.
I did manage to get the video footage edited and uploaded from our trip to Dupont. I know I've already got some footage from Dupont but I filmed a couple different trails with my new chest harness and the footage turned out great. Unfortunately somewhere along the editing process the music got screwed up and two songs ended up over lapping each other at one point but once I realized it, it was too late and I am not about to go back and redo it.

I hope you enjoy

Dupont Summer trip 2010 from Greg Carr on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The audio sounds like DJ Dingo got some funky-fresh mixes up in dat bitch!

Cool flick, brah.

Joshua Stamper said...

You know I have not really noticed that huge of a difference going back to small wheels if I am riding fast. If I am in super tech gnar I would be more comfortable with the longer wheelbase, but there is also a lot to be said for snappy handling and rapid acceleration.