Friday, July 9, 2010

Captain H. Gregory Dingo III

Our rides at Dupont weren't what I would call rides of epic proportions but they were a ton of fun. If I recall correctly none of our rides amounted to over 15 miles. Like I said before we did get run off the trail everyday by some nasty T-storms that hit every afternoon by 3:30 or 4. I won't say the trip was a bust or a waste of time. Most of our rides included a large group of riders, all my friends and they're significant others. We did alot of photo taking, creek crossing, blueberry eating and alot of good ole fashion nature enjoying. Not one day did I wake up sore or finish the ride with a recovery drink but I did finish every ride with a smile and that's what matters after all.

B-Rad was flexing his mad trials skills at every turn as we crossed Cedar Rock but this rock in particular got the best of him and I just happened to snap the pic right after he fell. I wished I had gotten him in free fall.

I've crossed Cedar rock many times in the past, stopped and taken many pictures and I've done it during all the seasons but that weekend I noticed something I've never noticed in all my trips up there, blueberries. I stopped once I reached the top to wait for the rest of the group and I found a small tree to sit under because it was so dang hot and I realized the amount of blueberries on the bush surrounding the tree was amazing. As I sat and ate more than my fair share I realized there were blueberry everywhere. I walked around in amazement picking the fattest and juiciest berries I could find and it wasn't until I remembered the sweet little berry's true potential and my distance from the nearest bathroom that I decided to stop before I made my self sick. Now I wished I had filled up a couple of water bottles with them and made a blueberry pie.
Earlier this morning I was catching up on my local blogger favs here in the Tri and I ran across a buddy that seemed a bit miffed at me for a statement I made in an earlier blog post about some of the other blogs in my sidebar. He seemed to think that I am of the opinion that my blog is the only blog around these here parts that has any entertainment value. He did refer to this certain person as Captain H. Gregory Dingo III so I could be mistaken as to who he is referring to which would make me full of myself even more. I have been referred to Captain Dingo by Scooby but I'm not sure where the "H." or the III come from. Gregory is my full first name but I never use it and only my mother calls me by it when she's angry with me. I guess the "H." could stand for a number of things like hellion, (been called that before) or hillbilly, (been called that too) or maybe hound. The "III" I'm not sure of maybe there are three of us and I'm just unaware of the other two. Maybe he's just referring to another blogger and I'm just digging myself into a bigger hole every minute. No matter what the case may be I did not mean to ensue that my blog is superior to any other blogs around here by any means. I simply meant that not many in my sidebar are writing anything at all and I like to read just the same as everyone else. AC, I apologize if I offended you, your writing is muy bueno.

Captain H. Gregory Dingo III???


Anonymous said...

Hah! I just tossed the "H." and the "III" on there to make your title sound more pompous and important. No intentional significance. But if you WANT to be Hellion Gregory Dingo the third, then by all means, call the county clerk! :-p

Way to look like a baller with your cigar and shades, brah.


pfttttttttttttt YOUR blog is bomb diggity !!

You just need to watch what you choose to wear clothing wise on the trails sometimes.....he he.