Thursday, August 26, 2010

the fun I really missed out on yesterday

Yesterday I spent a large majority of my day disconnected with the technology world, kayaking and riding singletrack. When I got back home last night I logged onto Facebook to upload a couple of pics I shot from my kayaking trip on the Holston I noticed a conversation that had started on my wall that went something like this. (Highlighted text is the actual conversation)

Alan Sparks to Greg Carr : So you're a closet Dicky fan too???

Me: I do read his blog which I have linked on my blog since none of my other blogger friends update theirs anymore. So I guess that does make me a fan but since it's up there for the public to see that omits the closet part. I do hear you talk alot about the stuff he posts on his blog so evidently you must read it as well. Closet Dicky fan???

Patrick Savage's response : Quit being a Dicky hater Scoob. Jealousy is not a good color on you.

me: good one Patrick

Alan Sparks : Lol, I'm not a hater dude.... I like pickin' on them two because of their hero worshipin' mahahahahahahaha

me: Oh but you are a "HATER" Alan

Alan Sparks : AHHHHHHHHHH, you're a "mutual" too!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

me : I understand the word "mutual" but I don't understand how you intended to use it here. Please explain Alan.
I'm not sure what prompted this post from Alan on my wall but evidently he forgot to eat lunch yesterday and his blood sugar dropped. Talk to me Alan, what's really bothering you?

So yesterday I was out enjoying Mother Nature unaware of the argument Alan was trying to have with me. I hate I missed it Alan, maybe next time good buddy.
So anyway I paddled a section of the Holston River between the Weir Dam in Bristol and Bluff City with a few co-workers who just recently bought kayaks. They asked me a couple of days prior to bring my Hero cam along and make a video of our adventures. At first I wasn't sure it would be footage worth watching but I figured what the heck with this crowd anything is possible. TVA had the generators running all day yesterday so it really picked up the current and made for some semi rough sections I would dare to say almost could be called rapids. The first couple of sections I filmed were nothing spectacular but the rougher it got I realized all the action was behind me. Two of the guys with us were a little on the inexperienced side, this was one guy's first day out in his brand new boat, another guy borrowed one of ours. I decided following them with the camera running might just make for a more entertaining film and wow was I correct. I'll save the rest of the story for the video which I hope to put together tomorrow.
I must say that section of the Holston was alot more fun than I anticipated. I have been on some class 4 and 5 rapids with a guided rafting expedition but I had yet to take my kayak on anything but the flat water of the local lakes. Now my interest is really peaked of what a true whitewater boat would be like in some real white water.

After my kayaking trip I headed home, swapped out my gear, ate a pb&j and headed up to Bays mtn with Melinda. Melinda was meeting up with a couple of girls to do a ride so I called up AKS and showed him around Bays for his first time. I have to say he did pretty well especially since he was riding it for the first time aboard his new pimped out singlespeed. Good job bro!



Jealous???? muwaaahahahahahaha NOT!


I don't hate Dicky! I actually respect his skills! I don't like see'n my peeps act like some of his followers. You'ins are way too kewl for that! Remember ... YOU are the "cool kids"


oh mutual was for mutual FB friend with dicky

All you guys do get awful defensive when I pick on you all about this though.....just sayin" Be a PROUD fan! (if you are)

Riding with dogs said...

I never denied being a fan like I said before I've got his blog linked up on mine for everyone to see. I think he's very entertaining.