Tuesday, August 17, 2010

riders on the storm

It's camping trips like last weekend that make me thankful for the ECO and EZ-UPs. We camped in Wilkesboro NC this past weekend, home of the famous Dark Mtn, Warrior's Creek and Over Mtn Victory trails. We got heavy rain Friday night, Saturday day and very early Sunday before the sun came up.
Even though my neighbor's campsite totally flooded out I was more impressed with Warriors Creek than Bandit's Roost.

photo cred. Alan

This was our first time camping at Warrior's Creek and I was quite pleased. Fortunately our site drained very well and we were not subjected to standing water. I heard several folks say they were stopping by the dumpster on the way out Sunday to throw their tent away.
The original plan was to do a night ride Friday but of course the rain cancelled that and we chose to hang out under the pavilion stay dry and enjoy a few adult beverages instead.

The plan was to eat an early breakfast and hit the Dark Mtn trails Saturday which were believed to drain better than Warriors Creek.

As we rolled into the trailhead parking lot the sky looked as if it could open up and dump on us at any minute so I kept a close eye on Olga and Alan since they are the first to always bail when the weather turns sour but they stayed and I never heard anything about rain from either of them.

The NTMBA wrecking crew.

One thing I did notice in the parking lot was the attention Norelle was getting from Abby and Andy. First it was Andy adjusting and measuring her seatpost. Then I saw Abby pull some sort of weird device out that looked to be measuring the angle of Norelle's leg. Then to beat it all I saw Abby spraying Norelle down with bug repellent. I'm not sure when our beginner rides became so ridiculously complicated. I wonder if Abby prepared a trail side meal complete with wine & cheese as well?

photo cred. John Piper

If you've ever wondered why I call Chris Dillow, "Iron Man". Take a look at what he's having for a trailside snack, raw meat. Yep he's one mean S.O.B.

The first half of our ride went well other than a few slick roots here and there but I kept telling myself it was better than being rained out all together. With the look of the skies at the beginning of the ride I was surprised our ride had stayed dry as long as it had and sure enough the skies did open up and dump on us. I'm not sure I've ever ridden in that hard of a rain storm in my life. There were small creeks forming in the trails rushing down the mountain.
I did have my Hero cam rolling through most of the rain storm but I'm not sure how well the footage will turn out. Hopefully it will make for a good video.

I never actually saw Alan during the entire ride and it wasn't until I found this picture of him lying down in a puddle pitching a fit like a small child that I actually believed he got on his bike.

Once we made it back to camp we ate lunch and watched it rain for another 2 hrs, harder than it had before. It rained so hard at times, standing under the EZ-UP was not enough as the rain was hitting the ground with such force it was bouncing back up and soaking everything under it. I stood around it my wet riding kit hoping it would slow but I finally gave in and changed into some dry clothes.
As dinner time approached and I began to think about my last trip to Wilkesboro and how my ride ended early and I went home depressed with the lack of riding I did due to my allergies. I decided right then I was going out for another ride no matter what the conditions. I was surprised when I actually had a few others go with me. We really only had enough time to do about 8 miles of the Warriors Creek trails which dumped us out right in front of the group campsite where most of the NTMBA group was staying. The trails were in better condition than I thought they would be. At first we were taking it easy not sure how well our tires would hold in the turns but the further we rode the more confident we became. I have to hand it to the folks at the BMCC, they really know how to build trails.

to be continued...



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