Friday, August 6, 2010

how hard is it to line up 2 straps of velcro?

On Monday I once again discussed the saddle bag woes I've experienced on my mountain bike. Key words to pay attention to, "MOUNTAIN BIKE" you know a bike mainly used for off-road use. I tend to ride mine on one of the rougher trails in NE TN, Warriors Path State Park. Warriors is no Creeper trail, it's pure singletrack riddled with roots and rocks. There are tougher trails out there but Warriors is probably one of the rougher trails in the area. My dilemma has been with my new Lezyne saddle bag which I thought was the end to all of my problems but I was wrong. Once again I have decided it's time to look for a replacement and I've decided to look outside the box. After 4 saddle bags I 've come to realize that there may not be a saddle bag out there that will suit my needs. I've been looking at a wallet made by Lezyne designed to hold all of my tools & my phone and I've also looked into the Awesome Strap that has been heavily publicized in the blogger world. I asked my readers to give their opinion on the two options so I won't stay awake all night weighing the pros & cons of each. I should have known better than to ask for input as Alan was sure to fire off some smart remark and sure enough he came through with flying colors.

"I haven't had a problem with my Lynzene and wet straps at all. I have been caught in the rain on the road several times this year and it's still sticking. MAYBE its the operator?" Alan Sparks

You see Alan the problem with your statement is your Lezyne is mounted to your road bike. The most jostling it might see would be the occasional RR crossing or if by chance you bike slips from your hands as you unload it from the Hillbilly Hotel. As far as the operator comment goes, I know I'm not as good of a mechanic as you are but I do know that I can line up two velcro straps just as good as anyone. Heck I used to rule the neighborhood when it came to playing that Operation game where you remove the bones out of some fat naked guy with a red nose. I have a very steady hand so I'm pretty sure I lined up the straps just like they're supposed to.
Thank you to the rest of the of you who did give me input. I may be leaning toward the Awesome strap due to the Lezyne's size coupled with me pickiness of overfilling my jersey pockets. The Lezyne I would probably need to hold my little F-bomb dropping friend would be the large one measuring in at 170mm x 115mm or 6.7" x 4.5". That's a bit large for my taste but I would still like to see it before I make my decision. Maybe Alan will order some for the shop so I can take a look at them.
If I do decide on the Awesome Strap I'll be waiting because they're currently out of all the 2010 version. I've grown used to waiting a loooong time on things this summer. The all new & improved 2011 version is on it's way and is supposed to be better. Until then I guess I'll have to resort to using duct tape or carrying everything in sandwhich baggies in my jersey pockets.



Oh wizard of only the dirt, I have ANOTHER lynzyne bag that has been bouncing around on my xc steed for some time now and it looks just fine, except for a little dirt ;-)

I will get you a 'dickey' strap so you may 'idol' worship when you are in the woods, because we know what you really do in the woods!


Andy said...

Skip the velcro and go for a buckle. My seat bag, although used on the road, has one and it's held up for several years.