Monday, August 2, 2010

no strappy strappy

Well thing have officially slowed down for the moment and it was a much needed slow down. I think I was running on a bit of a ragged edge. I'm almost caught up on all the little things I've been meaning to do around the house. I haven't been on the bike for almost 4 days now and I'm definitely ready to get back on the trail or road whatever and do some pedaling. May not be tomorrow, I think the dogs will begin chewing the couch in half if we don't take them for a long hike but come Wed. and Thurs. it's on! I may even dust off the road bike unless a certain mountain bike frame comes in as it's been promised for over a month.

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting on my new frame and I'm really starting to get antsy. The original due date was mid July but that came and went, then I got a call 2 weeks ago that said it'll be here in 3 days, nope. The last word was Aug. 1st, well it's officially Aug 3rd. I could have bought my frame online over a month ago but I would have paid $100 more plus shipping. I decided to wait save the money and give my LBS the business. It's not my shop that's the hold up, it's the popularity of this frame that keeps it sold out before they even hit the shelves or racks or whatever. Even with it's high popularity I don't now anyone personally in my area that has this frame but I'm sure once folks get wind of who's riding what around here it'll be the bees knees. At least that's the way it keeps playing out in my head.

While I wait I ride the Karate Monkey and I pass the growing pile of new and slightly used parts that will hopefully soon be attached to my new frame. The other day as I was standing there going over my pile of parts thinking of what should stay and what should go I remembered something from our trip to Dupont. My newest saddle bag the Lezyne, has developed a problem. When wet, the velcro straps loose their strapiness. Not cool. Last year I went on a hunt for the best saddle bag out there and after 3 or 4 trial bags I thought I found THE saddle bag of saddle bags

Since my seat bag was wet I had to dump all my contents into my jersey pocket which wasn't bad if I took them out of the saddle bag. After a couple rides with my tools in my jersey pocket I thought about using some sort of small flat bag that would hold everything and fit nicely in my jersey pocket. I kept my eye out for such a thing at several shops but came up dry. Then the other day I remembered several posts that Mr. Dickie talked and talked and talked some more about how AWESOME his new Awesome Strap was.

Hmmm... this could be my next trial. In all reality my saddle bag was too big even though I bought the smallest available. My CO2 cartridges were rattling around clinking and clanking against each other making all kinds of annoying racket. Which by the way might be the reason Alan hasn't ridden with me in some time. He HATES noisy bikes, last year when I had a noisy BB he made several comments about it.
As I was looking for pics of my current pack online to use in this post I ran across something very interesting that just might kill 2 birds with one stone for me.

How cool is this! A tool wallet exactly like what I've been looking for with a waterproof case for my phone. Since the arrival of my little F-bomb dropping friend I've been nervous to ride without putting it into a sandwich bag to protect it from moisture. That thing was expensive and I can't afford to replace it anytime soon. If I had a cool wallet such as this, it would solve both my issues. The only problem is the size, I have no idea how big it is or if my phone will even fit into the plastic sleeve. I'm real picky about having a bunch of crap stuffed in my jersey pockets. So dear readers I need your help. What should I do? Try the Lyzne wallet with phone holder or go with the Dickie approved Awesome strap and keep using the sandwich baggie for phone protection? Give me your opinion.


Darth Duncan said...

The wallet looks really nice. I may have to get one for myself for those road rides where it's mandatory I have a phone and some cash.

Looks like the phone keeper has a blackberry in it. Those are more wide than tall, so the only thing I would question with your Droid is if the phone pocket is tall enough. I say get it and if it doesn't fit, return it...or sell it to me if my phone will fit.


I havent had a problem with my Lynzene and wet straps at all. I have been caught in the rain on the road several times this year and it's still sticking. MAYBE its the operator?
I like the wallet where did you find it?? I can maybe order some for the shop and get you one for the 'finders' fee?

Riding with dogs said...

Found the the wallet on Lezyne's website, there is another with a bigger phone case for smart phones. Upon further investigation I think it might be a tad on the big side for a jersey pocket.

Alan, it's the constant bumps on the trails that causes the wet straps to give up and the bag to fall, road riding does not apply here. My also got soaked & muddy.

Johnny T said...

I say you give Melinda a 'project' to build a RWD protype bag or wallet designed and built to your specs.

Riding with dogs said...

Melinda doesn't have that kinda time or a sewing machine.

Riding with dogs said...

Melinda doesn't have that kinda time or a sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

Don't jerseys have pockets? :-p

Get the wallet, everyone likes fancy wallets.

Riding with dogs said...

I always order my jerseys w/out pockets