Thursday, September 18, 2008

weekend riding

Not much riding here this weekend. I worked 12 hour days all week and that just doesn't leave too much time for riding. I do have the 7 day off stretch kicking off tomorrow, well make that a 6 day stretch, I plan to work a little overtime to help fund the new ride. Tomorrow should be a ride filled day. I've got some errands to do via bike and I plan to head out to the trails early before the hot dog ride to get the dogs a little exercise and address any kinks in the Mamasita. They've been cooped up all week and will be at home all day Sat as well. Melinda and I have plans to drive over to Asheville and pay Bent Creek a visit. We were planning on going to Raccoon Mtn. for the weekend but with high gas prices and a busy schedule here lately we decided to stay close and save Raccoon Mtn. for next month.

Some photos from last weekends visit with the family. I took my niece Emma on a ride on my Dad's antique cruiser.

Emma has really taken a liking to the dogs although I can't say the same for them. Her aim with the tennis ball is just a little off.


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