Monday, September 15, 2008


I heard about it all night at work Thurs, "Knoxville is out of gas", "Gas prices will be $5 a gallon by Fri morning", "I called home and told my family to go fill up their cars". What did I do when I got off work Fri morning I went to the gas station to get gas. Why? because I was on empty but I didn't fill up I just got the usual $40. No freaking out here I wouldn't have gone had I not been on empty. Gas was not $5 a gallon, heck I didn't even pay $4. People are ridiculous, why did the Tri-Cities have lines out into the street and fights breaking out. I'm not sure what people were thinking. I heard from family in Texas that this was not happening there. I just had to laugh and make jokes at my fellow co-workers' expense this morning. When I asked them if they filled up their bath tubs with gas this weekend no one thought it was funny but me.

Week 3 of the push-up challenge is complete with 100% success! I was afraid I would not be able to pull it off but I did. Week 3 was a lot tougher the 1 or 2. I'm kinda afraid to look at what's in store for me this week.

On a good note most of my family came to town this weekend for a visit. We had quite a house full Sat and Sun. Our house is not that big and not really geared for kids but we had fun. Poor Moonshine and Jackson got their first dose of what it's like to be terrorized by a small child. We had to drag Jackson off the couch numerous times because he was trying to get away from my niece. It was hilarious, I think they got plenty of exercise this weekend even though we didn't make it out to the trails but once. Friday the dogs and I took the new ride out for a test run and it was good. I will have to make a couple of adjustments but that's expected.

Congrats to Chris and Joy on getting married this weekend. We enjoyed the wedding and reception.



Alan Sparks said...

whats the push up deal? how many you up to now???

Darth Duncan said...

did gas prices go up?

i start week 3 of the push ups tomorrow. you're going down!

Alan Sparks said...

I have been doing all of mine on only 1 finger

Riding with dogs said...

how many can you do?

Alan Sparks said...


Darth Duncan said...

I bet Alan does those girl pushups.