Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nature's wonder

Went for a road ride yesterday and hit a route that takes me out past Bays Mtn into Hawkins county (redneck country). Lot's of farms, wide open spaces and cars on blocks. Anyway I've noticed a lot of grasshoppers this year especially yesterday. Early in my ride I was cruising down the road at about 20 mph and I looked down and noticed a little grasshopper perched on the end of my wheel skewer just taking a ride and enjoying the sights. I thought wow how did he get there, he must of jumped on and got very lucky he didn't fly into the wheel and get chopped in half by the bladed spokes. I reached into my jersey pocket for my phone to snap a pic of the little guy. I never stopped so it took me a minute to get my camera ready. I looked back down and he was gone. Then I saw a small blur rotating with my wheel. Holy crap the little guy had jumped onto one of my spokes. I don't know how he did it or how he pulled it of but I'd say he was dizzy. I stopped, snapped a picture (see above) and then helped him off and into his grassy paradise on the side of the road.

When Melinda got off work yesterday she brought home a glass jar with 2 black widows in it. One that had laid eggs, way cool. One of the spiders looks like it's dead now, may have been a male. You know ruthless those females can be. I'll post a pic if the baby's hatch out.

Have a good one


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Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to save the little grasshopper. I knew I raised you right.