Thursday, March 26, 2009

All out brawl!

Ducking, bobbing, throwing punches, counter punches. I've never been in a real fight but I think I'm kicking this cold's ass slowly but surely. It feels like an eternity and now it's got it's hold on Melinda & Flat Stanley. Moonshine and Jackson are the only one's who haven't come down with it but they told me today they are sick of sick people and the wet weather. I've hit it with everything I have, cold meds, zinc spray, echinacia, the nasal genie, cough drops & vitamins. I've made 3 trips to the store for medicine and I'm going back again today. While I have turned the corner and am feeling better Melinda has the worst of it right now. I think she's mad at me because I gave it to her.
I've seen and heard alot of complaints about rain the past few days from my fellow cyclists which hasn't bothered me one bit. I'm actually glad it has been raining all week. Even if I wasn't sick I wouldn't be able to go riding so it's not like I'm missing out on anything. It still kills me being so sedentary. I'm not one who can sleep in or lay around the house watching TV all day. If it's light outside and the weather is half way decent I'm doing something active. I've always been that way and I sometimes drive Melinda crazy when it's a lazy Saturday morning and I'm wide awake @ 7:30 ready to get up and make breakfast.
The Pancake Shack made it's return yesterday. It's back in full working order. We have no plans on using it though, I plan to clean it up and get looking as best I can and trade it in on a new one this weekend, IF all goes well. If I don't have any luck trading it I'll sell it but we do plan on replacing it with a travel trailer. Wish me luck.