Monday, March 30, 2009

worst week ever........

Last week went down as the worst week ever, in my book anyway. Monday as stated in my last post started out the week with a nasty cold. I've managed to kick it's butt and send it running but not before giving it to Melinda.
It rained all week not letting up at all for any kind of pleasant outdoor activity. Not that I was in any shape to do anything fun so not a total loss. Hurrah for mother nature and the green it is bringing us.
Our plans this weekend included taking the Pancake Shack to the local RV center to see about a trade in on a new one. Friday my weatherman said there would be a break in the rain so I planned to clean up the shack and remove all of our personal belongings. Friday rolled around and as soon as I awoke from my slumber I got to it, washing and waxing the exterior, I even shined up the tires. I cranked up the top and began the process of removing all our stuff from the inside scattering it all over the driveway. I guess mother nature decided she hadn't had enough of soaking us so she opened up the clouds and proceeded to dump rain on my exposed pop-up. I hadn't bothered to cover the beds since I wasn't setting it up fully. To make a long story short the beds, canvas and other cloth parts got wet and I had to put it up that way while I waited for it to stop raining. I checked the radar only to find out that their was no relief in sight until early the next morning.
Saturday morning Melinda and I got up at 6am to dry out the shack. Our plans were to be at the dealership with it at 9am and there was more rain on the way. We cleaned and dried until 8:30 showered, hooked it up and set out for Johnson City. More on the status of the Pancake Shack and it's replacement later this week, I don't want to jinx anything by celebrating too early.
Later that afternoon as I was getting out of my truck I was on the phone with my Dad and there was some serious wind blowing. A strong gust came through and pushed my door knocking my phone out of my hand. It didn't completely break the phone but the main screen is shot. Luckily it was still under warranty and I got a new one.
Sunday we were exhausted from a hard week so we decided to hit Panera Bread for breakfast. I got online to do a little money transfer on our account and I noticed a significant change in our balance. A bad, very bad change in the form of around $1000.00. After a little researched we learned that someone somehow got ahold of my check card # and bought several hundred dollars worth of cell phones and a few diet pills. Nothing can ruin your day worse than bank fraud, I about had a nervous breakdown knowing that money was part of our plan in the great camper swap. I managed to pull it together call our bank and cancelled my card and got the investigation underway. Things are still pending with our account and I'm sure we'll see our money soon but it's driving me crazy waiting for an outcome.
Damn I've never been so glad to see Monday come. Keeping my head low and staying out of trouble this week.
The only exercise I saw this week was some work around the house and mowing the yard in the cold wind yesterday. I hope to sneak in a run or two this week but nothing is really going to prepare me for what's in store this weekend. All I look to do is have fun and try my best to ride the entire 6 hours. At least I'll be fresh as a daisy, well..... physically not necessarily mentally. A good long hard ride in the woods followed by a few cold beers around the campfire should straighten me out.

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