Monday, March 2, 2009

hear it hum

It is finished! After several months of just sitting there looking pretty our dishwasher is finally functional. What does this have to do with riding bikes? Absolutely nothing at all, doing this job kept me inside all day Sat and off the bike. We bought the dishwasher and garbage disposal last summer when we decided to refinish the kitchen cabinets but I never got around to actually hooking them up, I have no plumbing or electrical skills. Thankfully my folks came in town this weekend and after 9 hours of installation while a three ring circus (3 toddlers & Elmo the screeching red fuzzball) was going on in my living room we finished the job. It was actually pretty nice sitting there last night listening to the soft hum of the dishwasher running. I have to thank my Dad, without his skill and knowledge I would have never been able to complete this project.
I did manage to sneak in a run on Fri, just a little over 3 miles and I felt all right but I can tell my lack of running here lately has taken it's toll. The unusually warm temps we've experienced off and on the last month has kept my running shoes in the closet and gotten me out on my bike alot more. I did try out some new running socks, Melinda saw my post a few days back about how much I love my DeFeet Cloud 9 running socks and she went out on the great world wide web and ordered me 3 pair and her a pair. I might start doing gear reviews more often. As I was searching for a link for this post I noticed they've come out with the Cloud 9's in black!
Yesterday with the family all gone home and the house finally clean from all the construction and the three ring circus, things actually got kinda boring. The weather was just too nasty to get outside and there wasn't much going on so I decided to break out the dreaded trainer. Yikes! My first time on the trainer this year and second time this winter. It actually wasn't too bad I was able to break my all time record and ride for 45 mins. Melinda was on the exercise bike next to me and we had the race to watch so it wasn't all that bad. I can't believe I just said that. Usually I get out and brave the cold and go running but I just wasn't feeling the outside for some reason this weekend. I guess it was a good weekend to stay inside and finish the dishwasher project.

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