Sunday, March 22, 2009

I googled myself................

This morning I googled myself which was not the first time and I'm sure almost everyone has at one time or another but what I found out about myself today was kinda interesting. I'm a millionaire entrepreneur, a black football player, a christian musician, and a homeless man who was semi famous in CA.
1. Probably the more interesting version of myself is the millionaire who put up $40 million of his own money to save an African National Park.

Evidently there is a foundation which is dedicated to saving the Gorongosa National Park in South Africa. A Wilkapedia page bears my name as well.

2. Another version of myself plays football at Florida State.

check out some of my 2008 stats

· Led the team in receiving yards, yards per game and was tied for the team lead in TD catches.
· Second on the team in receptions.
· Had the longest reception on the team this season (54 yard TD versus Western Carolina).
· Led the Seminoles in yards per game for the second straight year.
· Joined Peter Warrick as the only other Seminole in FSU's career top five for catches, yards and touchdowns.
· Tied for the second-most TDs by a receiver in school history.
· Ranks fifth in career receiving yards and career receptions at FSU.
· Seventh all-time at Florida State with eight 100-yard receiving games.
· Joins Warrick and E.G. Green as the only Seminoles to record a 100-yard receiving game in four consecutive seasons.
· Tied with Green for fourth place in the ACC record book for career TD catches.
· Has 14 catches of 40 yards or more in his career.
· Caught a TD in 21 of his 50 career games and FSU is 15-6 in those games.
· Almost 20% of his career 148 receptions have been for TDs.
· Deadly inside the 30 with 24 of his 29 career touchdowns coming from the 30 or closer.
· Finished his career by tying his single game record with eight catches in the Champs Sports Bowl.
Not that any of that really matters to me, I'm not much of a fan of football.

3. Here's an interesting one.

A Christian music artist. Do I look tough in this photo? This guy and I are actually from the same area, Dallas TX. I didn't actually grow up in Dallas but pretty close. Did you know I've put out a few albums? Go ahead and pick one up if your into that kind of music.

4. This one was sad, a homeless guy that was recently found dead.

He sounded like a was a pretty cool guy. The article I found stated that he was an activists for other homeless people, the author of the article had a deep affection for him.

5. The last version I found was an artist in Wyoming. His website and artwork are pretty cool.

I don't know what to think about his photo here but I guess there are more than a couple of Greg Carr's who like beards.

This version is probably one of my other favorites, he had some pretty cool work. I was impressed.
There were some interesting folks out there who share the same name as me and it wasn't until page 3 using google that I ran across a link to my favorite version, the author of a sweet blog titled "riding with dogs".
Sorry the blog has been a bit boring as of late I just haven't had that much entertaining to say.
Pancake Shack update: It's finally fixed and ready to go, we got an entirely new lift system for free after trying to repair the old one several times. Now all that is left to resolve is the labor costs which we're asking the manufacturer to cover since their first three attempts at fixing the lift didn't work.

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Brad said...

Ever tried "Brad Reed?" You'll come across "Brad Reed-Militant Wierdo" He has some pretty cool art work you may like. I came across this about 4 years ago and the guy is still going strong with his antics.