Tuesday, May 26, 2009

12 Hours of Tsali pt. 2 (photo essay)

The pics are in, I didn't get a whole lot because I was riding alot more than usual. While the race course was fun some of the people we encountered were not. After I got cleaned up and had some dinner everyone seemed to filter out of site too tired to stay up. I guess the 6 hr race really took it's toll on everyone.

We had to make a last minute stop to make an adjustment. The truck was really loaded down for this trip but it did well going over the mountains. Alan said we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies but there was no Granny or a rocking chair.

Friday night we got everything set-up, the ECO is alot quicker and easier than the Pancake Shack ever thought about being. Nicer too!

Jackson will hang out with you all night as long as you'll pet him or share your beer.

Alan in his Hillbilly hotel with the AC on, er I mean the rear hatch open.

Our pit area that we had to fight to keep.

My biggest fan and crew chief.

Melinda, her Mom, Olga and Joe all paddled around the lake until they found a good place to watch the racers fly by. It just so happened that I saw them and stopped for a second for a photo.

Alan and I getting ready for a lap, we got harassed by the Gone Riding folks who tried to say I was drafting behind him. That's the first time I ever heard of that especially when he rode behind me the whole time. At first I thought they were giving Alan a hard time trying to say he was riding a kids bike. I knew he shouldn't have gone back to the 26" wheel.

My last lap, I got harassed by the Gone Riding folks for not properly dismounting. Too many goofy rules, they even told us we couldn't ride with Ipods. I did anyway but got a disapproving remark from Mr. Boggs.

I wonder if Melinda ever would have thought before she married me that half her wardrobe would be cycling related clothing.

Screw the watered down spaghetti, we made tortilla soup, much tastier.

On Sunday Melinda and I hit the N.O.C. and saw this really cool VW van. There was some crazy lady directing traffic when we rolled in. She told me my truck would not fit into the parking lot but I argued otherwise. She allowed me to pull in and told me to think good thoughts.



Beverly Hillbilly's??? I think it was the GRIZWALD'S.....LOL Get your story straight Clark. Nice write up yo!

That was one of the most fun races even though I couldn't race

Riding with dogs said...

Grizwalds yeah.... sorry