Monday, May 25, 2009

12 Hours of Tsali recap pt.1

I wasn't too sure how to start this post, I had alot of fun this weekend. I didn't have a plan, I didn't train, I really only had a pit because of Alan. I just wanted to see how far I could push myself but still have fun. I wasn't really interested in seeing how much suffering I could endure because what fun is in that? I came here to enjoy myself and if I ended up suffering there might be a chance I would lay off the bike for a while and I don't want that to happen. After it was all said and done I'd have to say I succeeded. I had fun, I did hurt but I didn't really suffer. My goal was at least 6 laps and I could have gone longer but the sun went down and cold beers were a flowing.

I rode my mountain bike farther than I ever have in one day, 60+ miles. Technically I don't have an exact mileage number to give because I accidentally reset my bike computer on my last lap. I didn't just reset the ride but I reset the whole damn thing which is hard for me to do when I'm trying. I was riding lap 6 in the dark, closing in on 60 miles and my head light kept bouncing a glare off the screen so I reached down to try a adjust the position of it on my handlebar and reset the whole thing. I was trying to keep track of my mileage for the year and how many miles were on the bike but now all that is lost. There are 3 buttons you have to push at the same time in order to reset the computer and how I manged to push all three I'll never understand. I was on my 6th lap (my goal) and was feeling good but a malfunctioning cleat set me back a little in the pits causing me to get a later start than I wanted. I was feeling a lot better than I had expected so had decided to keep pushing making my last lap a night lap. I'm not really a fan of riding at night. If I had a better light set up I might but as little night riding as I do it's hard to spend the $$ on a new set up when the old really heavy one works good. Anyway I got a late start and did the last half of my lap in the dark. The combination of the computer resetting and the darkness setting in on me kinda took the wind out of my sails on going for a 7th. All my friends were done and drinking beer having a big ole time and I just couldn't bring myself to go out for another lap. I felt satisfied with myself but I was ready to have some fun off the bike. As far as my body goes I felt fine with the exception of some saddle sores, the course was actually pretty easy.

Those were just a couple of small instances that were part of a very fun weekend. I did manage to film alot of the race but unfortunately I will be working all the week and then heading to the beach for a week so it's going to be a while before any footage will be seen. Alan rode a couple of laps with me and as we were entering the woods I had an idea. I never get to be in my own videos and most of the pics are taken by me so they are always of other people. I pulled over unhooked the camera and gave it to Alan to film so I can actually watch myself ride. I'm not really that vain I just think it would be interesting to watch myself ride for a change. I'll try and get my pics uploaded tonight and post them up tomorrow.

All photos courtesy of Scooby's Snacks

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