Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forgetful Jones

This just in, Tsali campground is almost full, luckily my good buddy and campsite sharing partner went down today and secured us one of the last spots. It looks as if it's going to be crowded down there with tents and bikes everywhere. I'm ready to go down now but I'm working till 6am & Melinda's gotta work till 1pm tomorrow. I've got lists of stuff all over the house, grocery lists, packing lists, all types of batteries to charge. The lists are many and long, why? because I'm forgetful.
If you watched Sesame Street as a kid keep reading if not skip to the next blog. There is one character I'll always remember and no it wasn't Big Bird, I'll liked his friend Mr. Snuffelufagus better. I'm talking about the old cowboy Forgetful Jones and his horse, who's name I can't recall. I feel like Forgetful Jones and I are related somehow, no I'm not a cowboy but I did grow up in TX. The thing is that I'm always forgetting stuff, Melinda fusses at me all the time for it. I'm constantly having to make lists of things I need to do or they won't get done. Take this blog for example, throughout the day I'll be daydreaming away as usual and I'll think of something really good to write about but by the time I get to sit down and type it's gone like keg at a frat party. I refer to myself as Forgetful Jones sometimes when Melinda is upset because I forgot to pick up toothpaste at the store especially when my list only has 5 things on it. If I wasn't so forgetful I could probably remember F.J.'s horse but oh well. See you at the race

I'll try to remember to turn on the Hero cam for this race and bring extra batteries to get plenty of footage.

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