Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi-Def yo

Working inside the past 2 nights has left me with some down time to check out all the new all the new stuff coming out for 2010. As I was cruising through all the new bikes, parts and other random pics I ran across the new Hero cam out for 2010. HD has made it's way to the action sports cams and really I'm not surprised, but at a $299 price tag I think I will be satisfied with mine for a while longer. One thing that I do like better is the Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Mine currently runs off of 2 AA batteries. I sprang for the NiMH rechargeables and usually carry spares on long rides. The only draw back I can see for the new Hero HD is the size, the new cam is a little bigger which also means it's a bit heavier. My current model is already heavy enough when mounted to my helmet but not enough to be a burden. I would think Go Pro would have been able to kept the size the same. Maybe I'll wait and see what's in store for 2011.

Another interesting site I ran across was a race between two couriers in Paris France, one on a bicycle, the other on a motorcycle. Tire manufacturer Hutchinson was behind this stunt "Across the Town". Both riders raced through the streets crossing the famous Champs Elysees. They both had to obey all rules of the road including speed limits and traffic lights. Who won? Check it out for yourself here.
It's not looking as if the OCHO is going to be on my calendar this October, as much as we've traveled this summer I think the ECO needs a little R&R before heading down to Knoxville for the annual trip to the 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth. I think maybe just a day trip will be all we'll see until then.
Speaking of the H.O.T., GRT is set and ready to go, This year we will see the return of Alan, I think the absence of his celebrity status was too painful and deny it as he may, he craves the spotlight. As usual Anthony and I will be spear heading the antics that usually surround this race and Brad will be bringing the pain to all who dare to step on the course with us. All we need to do is sign on the dotted line and pay our entry fee. We're all waiting patiently for the good folks who put on this event to get the website up and running. Rumor has it that John B. has finally joined the rest of the race coordinators in this century and made it possible to register online instead of using pigeon couriers. What will 2009 hold in the way of costumes, bike decor or facial hair? Who knows, the race weekend does fall on Halloween you know.
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wheres the registration link homie? I want to pay now while I have the cash or I wont be going! lol

Riding with dogs said...

Not up yet but should be in a couple days or so I've heard. Be patient and stuff the cash in a sock under your mattress.