Thursday, September 10, 2009

shaving grams

A couple weeks ago I said something about trying to shoot some video of a short track race and my camera mount snapping in two during my warm up. Well I actually broke more than just the mount. It turns out that the housing that contains the camera itself cracked as well right where the mount connects to it. I shot the good folks at Go Pro an email with a couple pics of the damaged goods and after an email exchange or two they let me know my new mount and housing are on they're way. I was very pleased with their promptness and good customer service. I didn't even have to show a receipt. I've yet to receive the goods yet but I'm sure they will arrive before our trip to Douthat State Park.

I've been trying to lay low this week and save myself for the Eastman 10k run I entered earlier this year. I've not run a 10k in a while but I have been running and I figure it's too late to attempt it now. The course is mostly flat and I know it shouldn't be a problem but everytime I run these events I always wished I had trained harder. It's hard to give up days riding especially in the summer months to go running. I enjoy running here and there but for me cycling is where it's at.
One thing that might just help me in my run Saturday is my new haircut. Not only did I shave a few grams off my body weight but I'm much more aerodynamic and my body is more effective at cooling itself. Aerodynamics, lower body mass & more efficient cooling, that's got to get me a few positions closer to the podium. I'm almost sure of it, now if I can just convince Melinda the new do looks good on me it'll be a win win situation. bzzzrt!