Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Have you seen this? A flow meter for your Camelbak? That's exactly what I want spend an extra $30 on. I've really been wondering exactly how much water I consume in a ride.

Or I can do this for free but not with the exact science of a flow meter. I carry 24 oz. water bottles in my cages. I finish 1 I know I drank 24 oz. I finish 2 I drank, um let me do the math.... 48 oz.! I drank 1 1/2 bottles that should be... 36 oz.! Don't the Camelbak bladders have level markers on them? I know, it's not as cool as an electronic flow meter.

Got the Karate Monkey out yesterday, my thumb is still pretty sore especially when I try to shift gears so I figured, ride the singlespeed, no thumb pain. My knee was a little sore too but it's getting better.
With addition of the new Reba to the Karate Monkey I have realized something. I can no longer put the Monkey on my fork mount Yakima roof rack.

Evidently Rock Shox decided to add a little bit more aluminum to the lower legs I guess to protect the ridiculously long air valve and rebound adjustment knob. The fork fits on the mount with no problem but when I tried to lock the rack down the extra material got in the way.

I guess the folks who owned the 08 models where breaking them off on the trail. The Reba on the Mamasita has the valves exposed but I have yet to break one. I have seen one laying on the trail so I guess it has been an issue. I went over to Rock Shox's website and they already have the 2010 models up and the new Reba's are using the old design. Why not use smaller valves and adjustment knobs Rock Shox? Doesn't that make more sense? Lighter, less material, is a win win situation.
On the home front, as you may remember Melinda and I decided to expand our garden this year. I usually plant peppers and can most of them for use throughout the year. It's been almost 3 years since we bought peppers at the grocery store. This year was not the case, I've still got jars of peppers from the past years left over so I didn't really see the need in canning. My jalapeno plants were sagging with the weight of all the peppers on them and I knew if I didn't do something with them soon they would rot and be wasted. I picked about 26 peppers and it's hard for 2 people to eat that many pepper in a couple of days. I thought about what to do with them all and then I remembered an old recipe for stuffed jalapenos that I had. They were pretty easy to make and a huge hit. I made so many Melinda and I both took some into work and we both ate our weight in them or until our tongues could no longer stand the heat.
Short track tonight!


Joshua Stamper said...

You might want to talk trading with someone to see if you can swap your yakima steelhead for a lower end copperhead. The copperhead will accomodate the retarded 09 reba dropouts. We have both and I can only get mine on the copperhead

Joshua Stamper said...

Edit: A Boa will also work!