Thursday, January 7, 2010

a bit more effort

Yes folks it's that time of year when I start thinking about what and where I want to race this year. I've given it much thought, probed the work calendar, weighed the pros and cons and counted the vacation hours twice. Actually I didn't count the vacation hours because they're the same as last year. I really enjoyed the races I participated in last year and according to my schedule I think most them are doable for me again. The first race of the year, the Icycle in Fontana NC, is next month and while I didn't do it last year it's tempting. I haven't committed to it partly because I just now remembered it when I began this post but who knows. Actually I haven't committed to any races yet but the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek has already been approved by my race director.

I fully plan to give this one another solo run but this year I'm gonna give it a little more effort. Last year with a head cold lurking I only managed only 3 measly laps but it was all I really had in the tank.

The Warrior's Creek course doesn't have a whole lot of climbing but it's a full body workout with very few places to rest. I've concentrated on my core and upper body more this year than I have in the past and I think that will become very beneficial to me in my quest to be more competitive. I don't think a podium spot is in my future but I do plan on completing more than 3 laps.
I have this same vision for all of my solo attempts this year. Last year was really my first attempt at solo racing and I really enjoyed it but didn't take it too seriously. I rode hard but concentrated on the fun factor more than anything. I think with a better core fitness and proper fueling and hydration I should be able to achieve these goals and still keep it fun. At the 12 Hours of Tsali last year I still had gas in the tank when I threw in the towel but a bit too much tom-foolery in the pits and not enough chamois creme ended my efforts prematurely.

I surprised myself at the Disc Burner last year despite the lack of sleep the night before. I worked night shift last year drove home the morning of the race hooked up the camper drove to the race set-up and got signed in just in time to put my toe on the line. This year I'll be sure to schedule vacation and arrive at the venue the day before.

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