Saturday, January 23, 2010

a tale of two flat brothers

Late in 2009 I posted an update on the where abouts of Flat Stanley and how he was coming along since the washing machine incident. Originally I thought he was going to be returning soon after our conversation but he evidently met some girl at the spa he was at. She was a part time employee who recently moved back home to Pennsylvania. After her departure Flat travel down south to Texas where he met up with his twin brother Bart. Flat told Bart all about his travels and his adventures in TN. When Bart learned that Flat had plans to return to TN he decided to join him and see what all the hype was about.

Melinda and I had no idea the two of them were coming and in typical Flat Stanley style they just showed up on our doorstep unannounced. Of course we welcomed them in and unlike Flat, Bart Stanley is much more courteous. At first we didn't recognize Flat as his appearance had changed somewhat. He decided he liked Bart's blond hair but instead of going to a professional hair stylist he stopped at the local RX and picked up a cheap bottle of the do-it-yourself stuff. Being his first time ever he got the mix a little watered down and his hair went from brown to orange. Bart talked him into keeping the orange look so people could tell them apart and partly because he didn't want Flat's rowdy ways to ruin his reputation.
After a few days of riding bikes and drinking all of our beer Flat announced that he was going to head toward PA. in search of his girl. He really wasn't sure exactly where she lived but he did remember her talking about Amish people and not being able to buy beer in a convenience store. I told him that Melinda's brother Dustin lived in a town just like that, Amish people, weird beer laws and everything.

It just so happened that Melinda was mailing a box full of birthday presents to Dustin and there was a little bit of room leftover for the Flat one to stow away in.
It only took a couple of days for Flat to reach his destination and Dustin said he was cool with letting Flat crash for a while since he really didn't take up much room. I told Dustin that Flat had a tendency to be messy and lay around drinking alot of beer but he was cool with that. Living in a small town gets kinda boring and Dustin said he could use the entertainment. Maybe, just maybe having Flat Stanley around will spark something inside Dustin and get him to write something on his blog. Who starts a blog and only writes 1 post anyway?

Bart decided against going to PA since it snows alot more there, he's really fired up about the cycling scene here. We told him he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted.

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