Wednesday, January 13, 2010

dead batteries again

Dead batteries have once again plagued me and foiled my plans to entertain you with some really fantastic video footage of Melinda and I riding the famous snow covered trails of Warriors Path State Park. Two measly little AAA batteries are all it takes to run the Hero cam, two charged AAA batteries that is. I have a whole bag of rechargeable NiMH batteries that I keep on hand in the chance that I happen to have a good filming opportunity. I have a special bag that I keep all the charged batteries in so they don't get mixed up with the non-charged batteries just so things like this won't happen. So how did this mix up happen you ask? That's a good question and as soon as I get done typing I plan to check the rest of the batteries in the bag to see if they are dead as well. I swear I charged them all the last time I had them out.
Being that the Hero cam only requires 2 AAA batteries I did a quick inventory of the various flashlights I keep stashed in my truck for seeing in the dark and I came up with 5 more dead batteries. I guess the c-c-c-cold temperatures zapped all the life out of my emergency flashlights and such. I guess it's time for me to do some much needed battery replacement.
Hero cam or no Hero cam, Melinda the dogs and I hit the trails anyway. The trails were in great shape and the scenery was fantastic. I dropped the psi in our tires a few lbs. and we managed to stay right side up the whole time with little or no slippage. I did get a bit squirrely in one turn when I really let it rip as my curiosity was peaked on how fast I could go on snow with out losing it. My Bontrager Jones tires performed great and the new components worked flawlessly as well. It was not really a long ride of epic proportions but it was just enough to keep me satisfied for the time being.
I apologize for the build up of a video but I'm sure you can find some other fool with a blog, camera and fresh batteries out there for your viewing pleasure. Rumor has it there may be a road ride going down on Thursday as the temperatures may reach into the lower 50's. If this is indeed the truth I might just have to break out the Masi and head over to JC in search of a dog named Scooby.

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