Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Every once in a while I get into this aggravating mood where I like to talk trash, mess with people and have a little fun at others expense. Yesterday I relieved my stress on one of my co-workers by filling his locker with packing peanuts. I was taunted a bit by a few others, so I won't accept all of the blame. It also tempted me to write yesterdays post which was not really much of a harassment as it was more of a hint to please write something. It was also a test to see if there is anyone out there reading what I write. You write 2 or 3 posts get no comments and it makes you wonder if anyone is reading this stuff or am I just talking to myself. My post managed to get 4 responses so far which is good for a non-celebrity blogger like myself so I'll take that as a success. The icing on the cake, it spurred Wes to dust the cobwebs off his blog and fire up the keyboard. Keep it up Wes I've read your work, you can write better than most.
Once again I apologize for the lack of more exciting posts about adventures outdoors but I promise once Alaska sends their governor down to get their weather back I'll venture back out with my bike again.
On a positive note my fitness has not faltered I actually feel really good, I've been doing P90X with Melinda everyday and I'm working muscles I don't normally use riding my bike. I feel an overall improvement in my core and upper body. I hope that once the newness of P90X wears off I will be able to continue in my new fitness plan, I've never been a fan of exercising indoors, especially in front of my TV.

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