Monday, January 25, 2010

short and not really that sweet

I officially registered for the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek yesterday, just making it in the "early bird" time frame saving myself a ton of $$$. If your thinking about going you had better think quick the entry fee goes up $10 every month reaching $70 the day of the race.
Yesterday I entertained the idea of racing the Icycle this coming weekend but with the nasty weather we've had lately and the fact that it's constantly changing from semi nasty to really nasty has me wondering if there is a chance that this race would actually be fun. I've only ridden once this year so I know being competitive is out the window not that I'm actually ever in contention for the podium anyway. Pay $35 to drive down and back to Fontana to race a semi fun course no doubt ably in the mud..... I'll think about it.
More and more I find it harder & harder to attend a race that is more than an hour and a half drive, has an entry fee of more than $20 and offers little more than an hour of racing fun. Take the SERC series for example, a race series that requires you to travel all over the southeast to race against people who take racing way too seriously or think they will one day be paid to do so. They obviously pay big $$$ not just in race fees but gas, food, and lodging all for what? The chance to stand on a plywood box and receive a gold painted trophy or a check that won't even cover half the money they paid to get there? If I'm going to travel a couple of hours to pay to race my bike I'm going to make a mini vacation out of it. Camping at a nice campground, riding for at least 6 hrs, riding with Melinda at the local trails sometime during the weekend and enjoying a good campfire and cookout with our close friends. I'll save the day trips for all day excursions to ride trails for free with Melinda and friends concluded with a frosty beverage at the local mexican or pizza joint. Now that's my idea of a good time.

Sorry for the rant, I think I'm just really past due for a long ride.


Melinda said...

I couldn't agree more!

Christopher said...

War Party 10k Sat ...$12 entry fee and right across the road from you (sorta)...come on out!!

Riding with dogs said...

I'll think on it Chris, might be running in some serious snow. Probably a game time decision for me.

Christopher said...

Just seen the 10k has been postponed until 2/20. Probably for the best!