Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a healthier new me

In the past few months I've really made an extra effort to eat healthier, lose weight and concentrate more on an overall fitness. Last month I stripped my diet of sweets for Lent. This month I upped it a notch. I have officially given up all types of alcohol for 30 days. Will I make it? I think so, I've never really had much of an addictive personality. Giving up sweets has actually been harder on me than the alcohol. Unfortunately I do have several good beer stored in the fridge including a Rogue Double Dead Guy that I was awarded with for my winning essay I wrote a couple weeks ago.

Speaking of that essay, I found it funny the amount of comments I received from people inquiring about how much of it really happened and did I really have a wild enough dream that threw me out of bed. Thanks to all those who took the time to read my submission and an extra special thanks to those of you who voted for me. I'll make sure there is something a little extra in your stocking this year.
Next week should be a complete turn around in weather and the amount of time I spend on my bike in the woods. Luckily the local college's spring breaks are the same week as my 7 days off. A couple of day trips are already in the works. Got any sick days?


Anonymous said...

Giving up beer should be easy! A real man would give up breathing!

Riding with dogs said...