Monday, March 22, 2010

scheduling conflicts

The more I look at my Night Owl vs Tsali pros & cons list the more I think it's going to be the Night Owl that ends up winning. I still would rather do the 12 Hours of Tsali but the Night Owl is new, local, and probably going to be alot cheaper no matter which way you look at it. Supporting the local small events are a good thing and it will probably end up being more fun than I'm anticipating.
The BURN 24 Hour Challenge just so happens to fall the very next weekend with our local mtn bike club camping trip coming just after that. Too many events falling back to back like this makes it difficult to fit them all in. Most of the summer months look to be wide open. Why is that? Three events in a row will be too much for Melinda and I. I don't think asking her to go to back to back race events are fair of me.

Recently I've noticed more and more underground events taking place. Both of the bike mags I subscribe to did articles about them. My good friend Alan put on 2 last year. No entry fee, no big prizes just good ole clean fun. This underground event organization sounds kind of appealing. I would rather participate in it but putting one on could be fun too. I hope to see the return of the Dead Possum this year as I've heard the Possum Creek ride is once again cancelled or changed or something.
Last year about this time I was looking at a pretty uneventful race season and it turned out to be one of the best I've had yet, maybe this year will end up the same who knows.
The 6 Hours of Warriors creek is just around the corner and I'm trying to prepare myself as much as possible with out over preparing myself if that's possible. Between work and bad weather I'm currently not where I thought I would be fitness wise. My lower back has been bothering me some from riding so hard last week and I hope that it quits complaining before race weekend. My goal of 4 laps minimum could be very hard to achieve with a screaming lower back.

Maybe I should get off the computer and do some yoga.

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