Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the hippie grocery & 29" chocolate donuts

I had this weekend off and with no precipitation in the forecast I was hoping to sneak in a ride. Melinda had a birthday earlier in the week and her Mom was coming in town so I had a feeling our weekend might be a bit busier than normal so sneaking in a ride was going to be tough but I was thinking optimistic. Friday morning I came off of night shift went home and tried to get as much sleep as possible before my 9:00 dentist visit to get a cavity filled. What a great way to start the weekend.
With the cold temps, high winds, and a lack of sleep I just couldn't get in the mood to get out and ride. After I got back from the dentist I hit the sack in an attempt to get some rest but it wasn't happening. My mother in law was due in town at anytime and with my lack of sleep I settled for an hour of P90X in the living room.
Saturday I could tell my day was going to be exciting. Shopping for diet books, and diet food with 3 women was the only thing on my agenda. I was just thankful I wasn't stuck standing outside the women's dept. dressing room while the ladies tried on everything in sight. I decided to load up my bike for the trip just in case a window of opportunity presented itself and as we neared Johnson City a plan slowly began forming in my head. One of our stops included the Earth Fair Grocery Store, an all natural, organic, hippie grocery with ridiculously over priced food. Don't get me wrong the place it great and it makes me hungry just thinking about their deli but the prices keep me from voluntarily stepping foot inside. I decided instead of torturing myself watching our grocery cart fill up with $5 boxes of crackers I would head over to the local singletrack @ ETSU for a short ride.
As I pulled into the parking lot I remembered how this particular set of trails sometimes takes longer to dry than any other trail system in the Tri-Cities but this was my window of opportunity and I could not pass it up. I suited up, adjusted the psi in my tires for slick conditions and pedaled my way toward the tree line. Three tenths of a mile in I knew it wasn't going to work. My 2.1 tires looked liked giant chocolate covered donuts and rather than do damage to the trail and my bike I turned around and headed back to the truck. As I drove to the hippie grocery I hoped for another chance on Sunday to get some riding in, this time I would choose a much drier destination, Bays Mountain. We did manage to make it through the hippie grocery with a decent bill, the only item I picked out, some organic coffee beans, turned out to be the most expensive thing in our buggy.
Sunday I got the okay to take off and hit the trails at Bays Mountain. As luck would have it the singletrack was in excellent shape. My start was a bit chilly with temps in the mid 30's but a good long climb to the firetower got me toasty warm. All was not lost and I considered the weekend a success. I managed to get out and enjoy the singletrack while the ladies hit the clothing stores.

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