Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tis the season

No I'm not talking about the jolly old fat man and a stocking full of presents. I'm talking about that time of year when everything turns green and the winter kits get pushed to the back of your pile. I'm talking about not only meeting your friends at the trailhead with your bike but bringing along a camping grill and a few cold beverages for a post ride grill session in the parking lot.

It's that time of year when you dust of the fenders of your cruiser, swing your leg over the low slung saddle and reach up high for the ape hanger bars and cruise around town.

All winter long I think about races, when where and how I can work them into my schedule without wasting all of my vacation days over the course of 3 months. How many camping trips can we get in this year? I think it time to de-winterize the ECO.

I know most of you who choose to read this blog know we ride all year round but the spring and summer are different. We go from fighting frigid temps and stinging finger tips to all day rides in the sun and hitting the local Mexican joint on the way back home for a round of tacos and a Dos Equis.

Melinda and I have already begun filling our calendar with potential trips, rides and races. Can we get them all in and still manage to get to work on time?

Yeah bring on summer! I'm ready for funky tan lines, riding on sore legs day after day and sweating under the heat of my grill while my cycling buddies raid the cooler on my deck.

Is this my favorite time of the year? Why yes it is.

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Anonymous said...

Hip, hip hooray, I say!