Saturday, July 9, 2011

decisions, decisions

A few months ago Melinda bought me a cool sticker pack from Niner. It had a ridiculous amount of "Pedal Damn it" and Niner logo stickers. I stuck them on everything I thought would look cool and still had several left over. I put the left overs in the bike room sticker bin and every once in a while when I have a good idea I use one. I have several bike bells laying around the house so I cut one of the Pedal Damn it stickers to fit the inside circle of the bell and it looked great, almost like I had purchased them from Niner. Of course I posted a pic or two on the blog and Facebox and it caught the attention of my friend from down under, Iain. He was very interested in one and asked where he could obtain one. I told him I had made it and unfortunately weren't available through Niner.

Every once in a while Iain purchases one of the t-shirts I create through our local mtb club and with the steep shipping costs I figured the least I could do was make him one and stick it in with his t-shirt. I sent him a note and told him the only thing I required for the bell was some pics of the bell adorning his Niner out on some Aussie singletrack. He obliged and every now and then he sends me a few which I thought I would share.

They're a bit small as I'm still trying to work out the tech features of the iPhone. More to come as I learn how to use this thing.

It seems there may be a shake up in this weekend's shenanigans. I've been alternating my rides with runs in an effort to build somewhat of a running base so I don't totally suck at the Crazy 8's 8k taking place next weekend. Last night at Stir Fry over a couple of beers, Andy of all people talked me into a triathlon that same day. I've never done a triathlon but I've wanted to since my attempt at the Steele Creek duathlon. The thing that peaked my intrest about this one is this one is completely off-road. It begins with a 5k trail run, a kayak portion on the lake and finishes with a 10 mile mountain bike ride. I have been doing all three this summer so I think this could be doable for me. The only issue is that this race conflicts with the Crazy 8's 8k which I paid up for. I'm really leaning hard toward the triathlon since my Crazy 8's registration is lumped into a package deal with two other races. Skipping the 8k won't really hurt me financially since the group rate saved me alot of cash.

Doing both races in one day is out of the question for me. I have all week to think on the issue as there is no pre-registration for the triathlon that I know of. One cool thing would be if I wore the Hero cam during the race. Catching footage of the run, paddle & bike would make for a pretty cool video, something I've been lacking this year.

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