Monday, July 4, 2011

FATS Part 2: the picture essay

Sorry for the delay for those of you who were waiting patiently for more FATS details. This one is picture heavy.

I think this trip was one of Melinda's better rides, she rode for 5 days straight without much of a complaint. Having the summer off has really helped her fitness. I rarely had to wait on her as she was riding like a champ all week.

We didn't take a whole lot of pics of the trails mainly because they weren't very scenic. Everything looked pretty much the same but we didn't really go for the scenery and there was plenty of that at our campsite. I think this shot was from the Great Wall trail which was one of my more favorites, mainly because it had the most rocks.

The sunset views from our campsite were amazing, we sat at the edge of our site just about every night thankful that the temperatures were going down with the sun.

We had a pretty nice section on the beach all to ourselves, for a lake beach I was really impressed.

Evidence that there were some pretty good sized catfish to be caught in the lake. This one is for you Dustin.

We usually waited until after sundown to grill our dinner. It was really too hot to do it any other way. Melinda came up with some really awesome meals that week.

If you haven't noticed I was a bit lazy and these pics are in particular order. This trail was named Big Rock, and this small section of "big rocks" were the only rocks on the trail.

We saw several of these big guys, or should I say girls, along the trail on our last day. They were laying eggs and why they picked such a close proximity to the trail I'll never know.

Brown Wave sign, the local club did an excellent job of pointing riders in the right direction. The maps sucked but really weren't necessary due to the excellent sign system.

We found this cool firetower on the "Tower trail", there was no access to the stairs so we couldn't climb it but there was a burnt out couch sitting underneath it.

Since I couldn't climb to the top I did the next best thing I could think of, hang upside down from the perimeter fence meant to keep people out. I guess somebody didn't like that as there was a huge hole in the fence. Maybe the folks who cut open the fence were the same people who brought in the couch, kind of as a middle finger to "the man".

Moonshine has always been the swimmer of the kids, Jackson will do nothing more that wade around.

Moonshine, for a while has had an affection for fetching rocks. Since I forgot the tennis balls we opted for throwing rocks for her.

She may not have always retrieved the same rock I threw but she almost always pulled something off the bottom.

A few time I threw the rocks in water too deep for her to touch and at first it frustrated her.

But then she figured out she could dive down and retrieve them. I've never seen a dog dive from a stationary position especially not Moonshine but she got pretty good at it and entertained us for quite a while.

I might have some more in a couple of days or maybe I'll find something else to ramble on about.

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