Friday, July 8, 2011

putting the new bling to the test

Not having ridden the JET since our trip to FATS I was pretty anxious to get out to Warriors and put the new fork and wheelset to the real test. I'm talking the sweet rooty & rocky mess that we call home at Warriors Path trails. FATS was great fun but I knew to get a real feel for how well the new bling worked I needed to really put it to the test and Warriors has just about everything I needed for just that.

I posted up just about everywhere I could think of, Facebox, NTMBA forum and shot out emails trying to round up a few fools who might be interested in riding with me. I got a couple of bites and when I rolled into the parking lot I was excited to see it was packed.Unfortunately they weren't there to ride, it was packed with a bunch of trail runners trying to take over.
As we descended Darwin's down to the lake we hit some of the better rock sections full of small drops, tight turns and plenty of knar to keep me on my toes. I think if the fork did anything for me it boosted my confidence and I found myself pushing the bike a little harder than normal. It soaked up the bumps and held it's line well.

Not only was I testing out a new fork and wheelset, I was running a new set of tires. I shredded one of the Bontragers at FATS and I knew they had seen their better days. I've recently acquired more 29 tires than I have wheels to mount to them to so I decided to pull a couple from the stash downstairs in the bomb shelter. I mounted up a Geax Saguaro on the rear and a Bontrager Jones XR on the front and have no complaints about either one. They both performed great.

I snapped a few pics of the JET and the tires last night after I got home but I can't upload them yet or at least don't know how to yet. My Android phone had seen it's better days with a nice spider crack across the entire screen. I finally broke down and scored an iPhone but I've used Google's Picasa photo storage for so long I'm not sure what to use for online photo storage with the new phone.

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