Thursday, July 14, 2011

I might be crazy for not running the Crazy

Decision made, the Crazy 8's race will go paid for and un-run for me. I hear rumors that this year the race shirt will be of the Dri-Fit variety so I may swing by and grab mine since I paid for it. The rumor might be a lie or in true Crazy 8's t-shirt fashion it might be a Dri-Fit with a ridiculously ugly picture on the front ruining it but I'll take that chance.

The Crazy 8's race is cool and dumb all at the same time, cool because it's freaking huge 3000+ runners, at night, streets lined with water hose armed fans cheering you on the whole way for who knows what reason. Dumb because it's so huge it draws crazy fast Kenyans and runners from all over the country who get their trip paid for just because they're stupid fast. They make us hillbillies look like a bunch of just off the couch fat kids.

So tomorrow I'm loading up the fat tire bikes, kayaks and my trail running shoes in favor of the Bark Camp Triathlon, part of the Mountain Empire Challenge series. My first ever triathlon and race in the kayak I don't expect to be anywhere near the podium but I do think it will be a ton of fun. Neither the run or kayak portion will be my strong point but hopefully I'll make up a couple places I might have lost during the first two phases in the mountain bike ride. Luckily for me my strongest point of the race comes at the end and is the longest.

After planting the seed over a couple of beers last weekend Andy went ahead and took it a step further to enticing me into this mess by planning a whole weekend of shenanigans. Friday we'll pre-ride the race course, race Saturday then stick around to take advantage of the rest of the trails and the lake. That evening he's firing up the grill while we down some canned refreshments, cans because the BB guns will be running HOT.

Sunday the plan is to head up to the Breaks Interstate Park for some more singletrack action. I've never ridden there but I'm always game for exploring new trails and the blackberries are in season so trailside snacks might be abundant.

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