Tuesday, July 19, 2011

short post

A short post today, I have alot to say but sooo little time to say it all. This week and next are ridiculously busy for Melinda and myself. We spent the entire weekend in VA. courtesy of Andy and Abby, thanks for the hospitality guys!

Saturday I entered my first ever Triathlon which turned out to be a huge success for me personally. The weather was a total washout and if I had to guess the rain scared off some of my competition allowing me to squeeze in a 2nd place finish. The race was a 3.5 mile trail run, kayak and 7.5 mile mountain bike ride, the longest and most technically difficult portion was the mountain bike section which was my strongest suit, win win for me! The course was wet slick and kinda reminded me of a cyclocross race with all the dismounting and running I did. Staying upright on the bike was a challenge.

I actually filmed the entire race with my GoPro but haven't a had a chance to view any footage, hopefully the wet conditions didn't ruin it but we'll see. It may be next week or the week after before I get to have a look at it.

Sunday I was really feeling the effects of the run and ride in my legs, I actually had a hard time with stairs. I wasn't thinking about the Bays race and how sore I might be after the Tri and I had a feeling on Sunday my chances of making the race were doomed, that and throw in a full workday/workweek to the mix. I hoped for the best but my workday yesterday was not as low key as I had hoped, I decided last minute to skip the Bays race and rest. I did the same last year and regretted it but it meant burning vacation to do the event and I just couldn't afford it. Once again I'm regretting not going but sometimes you can't be everywhere and do everything. Maybe next year

More to come on the triathlon as I find time.....

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