Saturday, April 11, 2009

6HWC cont. (photo essay)

Finally I got around to sorting and uploading all the photos from last weekend. I stopped by Kinetic Images' website earlier, they have got to be the best race photos I've ever seen. I am actually considering buying one of myself for the first time ever.

Friday I got the Eco all loaded up and was ready to roll when Melinda rolled in from work. Moonshine and Jackson were dancing around the whole time I packed in anticipation of the trip. The Eco pulled good behind my truck something that I was a little nervous about. I'm still trying to dial in the electric brakes. I locked them up once going through downtown Boone.

Anthony, Andy, Eric, Brad and I got up early and cruised over to the start finish to set up our pits. Celebrity blogger "Dicky" pulled in right next to us but I never really took them time to talk to him. I've never been one to go up to someone I don't know and strike up a conversation.

The field Anthony and I stopped in where Melinda and Amanda were hanging out. I think my lap time doubled on that one because of all the stops we made chatting it up with various people who all seemed to be suffering as much as we were.

At the after party Flat Stanley tried to sneak up on Abby & Andy and steal their beer but he got the smack down. I told Flat he had to pay $5 to drink since he didn't race, he stomped off in disgust and pouted at the truck for the rest of the evening.

Sunday Melinda and I took the dogs down to the lake for a little R & R (rambunctiousness & rowdiness)

All the lake water Jackson drank seemed to run right through him and he grew kinda of fond of pissing on the drift wood.

The only issue we had with the Eco that weekend was a small rubber gasket on the skylight that got outta whack when we opened it. With the threat of rain I had to climb up on top and realign it. We didn't have a ladder so I had to back up the truck as close as I could, climb up on top of it then jump up on top of the Eco. That thing is really tall.

Our last day as we pulled out I had to tend to some dirty work (sewer dump station).

Note to self: Always recheck the hose clamp before opening the black water valve, bad things can happen very quickly.

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