Wednesday, April 15, 2009

blah, blah, blah

I hope this post gets published and if your reading this then I got lucky. My computer is either sick, pissed off at me or has some sort of infection I'm not sure. In an effort to save everything before all was lost I ran down to Office Depot and finally plunked down some dough on a cool little external hard drive that I've been talking about for some time. It's almost as small as my cell phone but will hold everything but the kitchen sink, amazing! It's also fashionably red to match the rest of the house just like Melinda likes it. I was successful in backing up all the important junk we have on our computer and I have plans to take it to the Dr. today for an examination. Rest assured it will be in good hands and I hope to be back blogging and posting cool but boring photos of my mediocre excursions. Cool but boring? Does that contradict itself? Who cares, it sounded good in my brain.
Another attempt at the river commute is on tap either today or tomorrow not sure which but this time should be a success and I'll report back as soon as I get this thing fixed. I may be in full commute mode by then so who knows.
Flat Stanley and the dogs are getting cabin fever so I'll be out on the trails this week but no fancy road trips planned. I think Alan is getting bored and going without me. He sent me an email about a 4 day excursion but no invite. I guess he was just trying to rub it in my face. Just kidding little buddy I know you'll be the first to read this.
I got the approval of my social director on the 12 Hours of Tsali so it looks as if another solo attempt may be in the works. I hope to kick it up a notch this time. Guess I better go ride in an effort to better prepare myself.


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