Thursday, April 2, 2009


I finally got around to snapping some pics of the Eco trailer last night. My Mom stopped by to bring me a Memphis pizza from Cootie Brown's, something I haven't had in a long time since our Kingsport location closed. Dang it was good. We'll be testing it out this weekend in NC as we head out Friday afternoon to Wilkesboro for the 6 Hours of Warrior's Creek.

The dinette/queen bed

My Mom and Melinda worked their magic prepping the inside so it will feel just like home this weekend. We're really roughing it these days.

The bathroom is quite cozy, you can actually take care of the 3 "S's" all at the same time.


Darth Duncan said...

Can I poop in your shower?

Riding with dogs said...

if I can poop in your tent

Joshua Stamper said...

mmmm, the "Cowboy Shower". We used to use an RV on our christmas tree lot in SC that had a bathing facility like that. You could shave, shower, and without moving. I like that eco. Alison and I have talked about a Scamp, but I think we will just bite the bullet and buy a big school bus. Anything less would be too civilized.

Riding with dogs said...

lol, a shool bus would be awesome! I have a friend who has one but it's permenantly parked but fixed up nicely. We went for the Eco because they were left over 08 models at a very good price