Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter on the water

Happy Easter! Didn't really feel like Easter at my house today I tried to go hide eggs in the yard but Melinda refused to hunt them down. Instead I slept in till around 11:30, worked nightshift last night, and after breakfast Melinda and I loaded up the new kayaks for the first time and hit Warriors lake.

We scored a couple of Old Towns from Mahoney's about 2 weeks ago but today was this first time we've been able to use them due to crappy weather and a very busy schedule. It's been difficult walking by the boats just sitting on the deck with the price tag still attached wondering when we were going to get to use them.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, the weather was awesome and the lake was not too crowded. We did have a slight accident when we were putting the boats in the water. I some how managed to run the end of Melinda kayak right into her big toe cutting her nail. Luckily we had a first aid kit handy and were able to get her bandaged up before getting into the water.

Today we just mainly got everything dialed in and got the feel of maneuvering the boats around. We paddled along the shoreline checking out the rock face cliffs and submerged trees. You can see alot of interesting things in and around the lake in areas that aren't normally accessible by land.

We played around in a stream that fed into the lake for a while but we had to cut it shorter than we would have liked. I had to be back at work tonight. I did mount the Hero cam to the front of my kayak but I haven't even looked at the footage yet. I'm sure it's not really that exciting to watch, maybe once we start hitting the local rivers.
Even though we didn't have a big get together with family and gorge ourselves on good home cooking we really enjoyed the outdoors today on the lake, something we've not been able to do until now. I had a friend tell me the good thing about investing in a kayak is when it's sunny outside you can go ride your bike but when it's raining you can go kayaking. He also gave a piece of advice, "Buying a rec boat is the first step on a very slippery slope, it won't be long before you'll be wanting something in the form of a whitewater boat". I know exactly what he meant buy that, I've got a bike for just about every kind of riding there is to do.



when your ready to give Wautaga a try give me a shout!

Riding with dogs said...

I'm ready! this week?

Joshua Stamper said...

It don't thinks its as much of a slippery slope as it is a a precipice. once you go over there is no going back. You will spend all your time on boatertalk, and you will speak of the Gauley in a hushed and reverent tone. The only cure for whitewater kayaking is moving to Kansas. be forewarned

Riding with dogs said...

lol I've been to Kansas, not sure about a return trip.