Monday, April 20, 2009

River pics

I've been having a few problems lately with my computer due to some pesky little viruses but I think I've almost gotten everything straightened out. I've heard alot of people say the same lately and express there wish for a Mac. I feel the same, I've always had a love for Macs, I used them all through college and at my 1st paying gig. They are a little more expensive than a PC but they just might be worth the $$$. I finally got around to uploading my pics of my river commute which I've actually yet to make to work. I did do another practice run with Melinda starting a little farther downstream in deeper water. On the way back up Melinda suggested that we try to make it all the way back up to my original starting point from my first trip. The water was a little higher and with no head wind we were able to make it without bottoming out.

The trail I took down to the water, steep and root/rock infested.

I took Melinda's boat my first trip due to it's smaller size and it being lighter and easier to carry but I recently purchased a 2 wheeled cart allowing me to take mine instead.

Cool train bridge over the river

If you look closely you can see a house perched on top of the cliff over looking the water.

A view of the bridge (John B Dennis) I take over the river everyday to work. Yes that's where I work on the other side.

I hope to make the actual commute to work soon. It's been cold and rainy so far so I wussed out this weekend. Maybe this week if the weather is nice but it's not looking promising.

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