Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday the weather forecast was a 30% chance of rain. Is that a 30% chance you'll get rained on or 30% of your area is getting rain? I'm not sure but everytime I would go out side the clouds would roll in and it would rain but the minute I went back in the sun would pop out. I was really wanting to get a ride in, I've been kinda lacking in that dept. lately with all the rain and spring time projects going on at the house not to mention the new kayak, it's seen quite a bit of attention.
As I was sipping on my coffee I looked outside and the sun was out but at 8:30 it was still a bit too chilly to ride and the road was the only thing that wasn't wet. I hit the town to get a few projects and errands taken care of while I waited on it to warm up. I was surprised at how windy it was and it started giving me second thoughts on riding.
I put in a couple hours of solid yard work, we've been expanding our garden this year, vegetables not just flowers and we've had to haul in alot of dirt. I can't believe I actually paid for bagged cow poo. The weather really never got any better, it did warm up a little but the wind was still pretty fierce. I thought about going for a run but I really just wasn't feeling it and then it dawned on me, I could go ride Bays Mtn fire roads. I'm not usually a big fan of fire roads but I was feeling pretty desperate to get some saddle time in so I loaded up the Mamasita and headed for the mtn.
While I was suiting up a fierce but short lived rain blew threw almost causing me to head back home but I stuck to my plan. I've ridden the trails in the rain before so I knew it could be done and it was really my only option for some pedal action. I decided on the Fun Fest race course, actually the old one. This years race course will include the new singletrack trail we built this year but I knew it would be too muddy to ride. I wasn't concerned with a certain finish time, I just wanted to climb everything and climb it I did, well all except for one short steep section that was too slick and caused me to spin out. I saw rain then sun then rain then sun and by the time I was finished my toes were starting to sting from being wet and cold. On my last descent off the fire tower I decided to take it easy because the trail is really washed out and the ruts will get you in trouble and slam you to the ground quick. With everything being so wet, yesterday was no exception, I can't believe they let people ride that stuff especially during a race when they know everyone will being flying down it. Maybe just maybe I'll put a bug in someones ear about trying to talk the park into letting us ride the firetower trail down just for race day. Talk about a sweet ride!
Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative this week, I think the dogs are starting to get cabin fever again and all this yard work is starting to piss them off. When Flat Stanley saw me putting my work boots on again today he threw an empty beer bottle at me and stomped off to his room.
Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to post soon instead of this lame ass weather report stuff.

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