Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dead Possums and Tofurkey

Last Sat we started the day off right with the Dead Possum Ride. The weather was perfect and Melinda finally got on her road bike for the first and probably last time this year. She almost backed out on me at the last minute when she went to put water bottles on her bike only to find there were no cages, she said it was a sign that she shouldn't ride. I had needed some cages sometime last year and borrowed them forgetting to put them back on. I quickly grabbed my allen wrenches and went to work before she could change back into her pj's.

We arrived at the school to find a packed parking lot but no one we knew. In true slacker fashion most of my friends showed up 5 minutes late including the ride organizer Alan who said he was out marking the course w/balloons but I think he was really at home sipping on his fu fu french vanilla carmel drink he calls coffee. Once the ride was finally underway we really had a good time. Some rode hard some took it easy and a few of us goofed off eating donuts, you know the breakfest fuel currently used at the Tour De France.

After the ride I fired up the grill for the second part of the DPR, the dog cook off and while I waited I decided it would be a bad to let the rest of the donuts go to waste.

Once the grill was hot I got down to business cooking beef dogs, pork dogs, turkey dogs, and some sort of greenish looking tofurkey dogs. I had to try the tofurkey dogs just because and I was sadly disappointed so I ate an all beef dog to make up for my poor decision.

Alan won't eat hot dogs so he tried to be cool and fool us all by eating a bun with mustard but not me, I caught him red handed.

Andy and Abby patiently awaiting the tofurkey dogs to cook.
If you missed the DPR this year I'm sorry for you, it was a great ride with good friends and food. Hopefully we'll make it happen again next year but I promise to stick to the real thing when choosing my bun filling.

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