Monday, July 20, 2009

The Wicked Witch of the West meets Peter Frampton

With Melinda's Mom coming in town this last weekend and all the events on the calendar I didn't think I would get much physical activity in but surprisingly I did. After lunch Friday Melinda, her Mom and I headed over to the Greenbelt to ride/run. Melinda and I ran while her Mom rode Melinda's cruiser around like a giddy little school girl. I would have sworn she had never ridden a bike for fun the way she was giggling and squealing with delight. At first she stated that she didn't like bikes with gears, I thought this was odd at first but after some questioning I realized she just didn't understand how to shift. A quick run down in the parking lot and she was zipping around us pretending to be the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz. Remember the scene of her riding her bike in the tornado?

That evening we all headed downtown to Fun Fest for the Peter Frampton concert armed with funny beverages disguised as the normal redneck drink of choice. We fit right in without question.

The concert was ok, the music was good but I kept waiting for Mr. Frampton to really get down and jam but he didn't. I guess he's mellowed out a bit in his old age.

We did sneak up front and found a good spot to get a closer look at Peter and snap a few pictures. It wasn't that hard to make it up front since there were no mosh pits going on. Everyone one was just sitting around staring at the stage, I guess they were kind of bored like I was. I found it quite interesting to learn that the weight limit on the fold up camping chairs that you can purchase at every drug store, grocery store & Wal-Mart is stronger than the tag states. I saw alot of people pushing the weight limit and beyond of those $15 dollar camp chairs. I kept waiting for someone to come crashing to the ground but no one did. The only only excitement was the young couple behind me who got upset that I was blocking their view when I went up front to snap a picture. They kept fussing at me but I continued to block their view pretending not to hear them. It wasn't until the frustrated guy actually set his Mtn Dew down and got up to tap me on the shoulder when I finally acknowledged them. I said ok and continued to take a few more unnecessary photos just to aggravate them. When I finally turn to leave I apologized and told them I didn't realize this was a reserved section. I think the tone of my voice gave away my sarcasm but I walked away before he could respond. After I left another curious spectator walked up and took my place to snap a few photos as well and I could but help but laugh.

When I returned I found Melinda so bored that she had decided now was a good time to try meditation. Olga and Beth of course were really getting into the music singing and dancing.

As we were walking back to the car after the show I noticed a group of kids climbing up on top of the local fast food restaurant. I'm not sure if they thought the gigantic fries and hot dog were real but I thought it looked like a good photo opportunity. After the flash went off the kids scrambled thinking they were about to be arrested.
Sorry guys I didn't mean to spoil your fun.




Anonymous said...

Yes you are mosr definitely an agitator..I couldn't have done better myself..

Keep up the good work.