Saturday, July 4, 2009


As usual I have 7 days off every month and since Melinda has been out for the summer we have been camping the last 2 months in a row and it looks as if we may go again the next go around. Last week we headed down to Dupont State Forest and camped for about 6 days. As always the riding was excellent, Dupont never fails to disappoint me. The trails there offer some magnificent views and some take you right to the base of some really cool waterfalls. I was sad to come home and go back to work but I guess it's what I have to do in order to support my riding habit.
I was surprised to find out how many famous people died in the past 2 weeks. Farrah Faucet, Michael Jackson, Ed McMann, Billy Mays, and today Steve McNair. What's up with all of that?
Some fun times coming up in the next few weeks, Fun Fest kicks off next weekend. Fun Fest is a week long event here in Kingsport that's draws all the rednecks out of the woods. The only events I usually attend are the sporting events like the Tour De Possum Creek, the Crazy 8's 8k, and the Bays Mountain Rally. This year the TDC has separated itself from the Fun Fest event and I've decided to pass on it this year in favor of the MUCH cooler Dead Possum Ride put on by non other than my good buddy Scooby. I still plan on running the 8k and riding in the Bays Mtn rally both of which I had to sit and watch due to my back injury last year. I'm pretty pumped about the events this year. I do sometimes make it out to the big event on Sat night to people watch and for the fireworks but I think we'll miss it this year in favor of a backyard bike skills party some friends of our are throwing. Skills course, bikes and beer, hmm.... could be interesting.

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Steve McNair, not Donovan McNabb