Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dupont vacation (photo essay)

Here are a few pics from our most recent trip to Dupont State Forest.

I ended up working on Melinda's brakes (Mech. disc) about three times over the course of the week before finally giving up on them. I finally talked her into up grading to a set of the new white Avid Juicy's out right now. No more caliper/pad adjustments on the trail!

Cooking burgers over the fire, old school style!

The top of Bridal Falls

Cedar Mtn., East Coast Slick rock or as close as we can get to slick rock.

Andy and Abby joined us for a day of riding but most everyone else bailed.

We scored a new rug this year for the camper that works really good outdoors, the dirt passes right through it and the dogs thought it was comfy. I thought it resembled a dance club with the fancy new lights Melinda found on sale.

My new lucky horse shoe I found out on the trails, I've yet to find a good place to mount it.

My folks joined us on this trip and as usual my Dad found a good place to take a nap.

The famous river crossing that has seen many fall into while trying to cross, myself included but not this time. Melinda managed to fall twice but I wasn't able to capture either moment on film. One time she slipped and fell on her own, the second time Jackson slipped and fell into her taking both of them for a swim.

This is how I spent most of my night sitting by the fire with Melinda sipping a cold one.

camp, we had it rough



Kewl pics! Andy rode the redline!!!!

Melinda said...

Maybe we can plan another trip and all our friends won't bail on us. Glad Abby and Andy could make it, definitely made for a fun time!

Riding with dogs said...

he did and he said it felt like he could "Do anything on it". I bet he puts the FS up for sale soon.