Friday, July 10, 2009


Just got off the phone with Charter Communications, a company I have come to hate. I do subscribe to their cable and internet service but only because they are my only choice. Technically I could go the satellite route but it would be more of a hassle. Charter has begun calling me about twice a month now trying to sell me the home phone service something Melinda and I have not had in a little over 6 years when we realized we could get by with 2 cell phones. I have become used to the telemarketers now and I know exactly what they're selling before they begin. The last time I told the lady before she could begin I wasn't interested in their phone service then there was a pause, probably a little surprise on her end about my remark. She stumbled on her words a minute and then continued with her sell. I waited about 10 seconds, realized she was ignoring my comment and then hung up. As I was logging on the computer to blog about my day yesterday that really didn't amount to much in the way of physical activity my phone rang.

The Conversation:

C.C. - "May I speak to Mr. Carr?"

Me - "This is he."

C.C. - "Hello Mr. Carr, this is April from Charter Communications. I just want to let you know that this conversation my be recorded for quality purposes"

Me - "Hello April, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not interested in your telephone service."

C.C. - pause...... uh um...... "Well.. it can save you more money than your current.... "

Me - "I do not have a home phone."

C.C. - "OK.... well thank for your....... "

Me - the sound of my phone snapping shut

I'm getting better and actually starting to have fun with these people. Next month maybe I'll come up with something funny to say and really make them stutter.

Anyway my day yesterday was looking like it would be fun on Wed in Knoxville. We were driving in for a funeral for my brother in-law's father and to cheer up a sad day Melinda and I decided to make the most of our trip and take our bikes and hit the trails at Haw Ridge before heading home to do some kayaking on Boone Lake. Our plan was to meet up with Alan, Angie & some paddling group we've never met that evening, kayak to the local marina for dinner and a beer then head back across the lake in the dark.
Melinda did the math in her head and told me we would be cutting it too short to get both activities in. I argued with her a little but she talked some sense into me and since we had already committed to the paddle with friends we decided to leave the bikes at home. Bad move, we got home had a snack and laid down for a quick power nap only to be awoken with the crash of thunder, then came the flooding rain and hail. The storms passed after about an hour but left us doubting anyone would show up. I loaded up the boats with hope in my mind but after repeated failed attempts to reach Alan I had a bad feeling we were about to get stood up. As we rolled into JC Alan finally called having forgot his phone while at work and let me know he wasn't going to make it (not his fault). We proceeded on to the lake but no one was to be found. Not wanting to paddle in the dark alone unsure about our route Melinda and I decided to head to Cootie Brown's for pizza, the only highlight of our day. The lesson we learned here, always take the bikes.


Melinda said...

I'm going to start calling you negative Nellie!

Darth Duncan said...

You should have a nice loud porno on hand, when they call and ask for Mr. Carr, you say, 'Sure, hold on.' and then crank up the porno.

Riding with dogs said...

no porn here


sorry I forgot my phone dude :-(

Riding with dogs said...

no prob, it happens