Thursday, July 16, 2009

the DPR countdown continues

The weekend is almost upon us and I am ready for it, work has been sucking lately. Not so much the job itself more like the people I work with. Having no children and no real ties to the tri-cities it's weeks like the last couple that make me ponder moving somewhere else. There are so many cool places I would like to live. Maybe I just need a good long ride in the woods to clear my head, something I've not done in a while.

Melinda's Mom rolled into town today which means anything can happen this weekend and it definitely won't be boring. I've already missed out on some excitement while away at work. Melinda, her Mom and Aunt went to Bays Mountain tonight for the Moonlight Hike that's put on by the staff during Fun Fest. I received live updates from Melinda throughout the hike via text message. Melinda wasn't too excited about the hike due to the large number of families, kids and rednecks that Fun Fest events tend to draw out of the sticks. It never fails whenever a large crowd of weirdos gather they seem to flock to Melinda. Some guy evidently decided he was Melinda's new best friend and tried his best to butt into her conversation but she ignored him as if he wasn't there. I think the poor guy just couldn't get the hint and without Melinda's permission snapped her picture before she knew what happened. I'm kinda surprised she didn't slap the camera out of his hand or knock out his front teeth, I guess she's getting soft in her old age.

In the local news a cyclist was hit by a Comcast Cable truck, the story says he was trying to avoid an oncoming car that was straddling the yellow line and had no other choice but to hit the cyclist. I guess his brakes were out and stopping was not an option. He was probably late to install HD cable service for some couch potato so they could stay inside all weekend and not have to worry about going outside and getting all sweaty. One rumor going around was that he was playing with his cell phone, probably the real story. So much for the 3 Foot Law we have here in TN. Every time Melinda hears about stories like this she threatens to sell the road bikes.

I'm actually going to get my road bike out this weekend for the 1st Annual Dead Possum Ride Sat morning, I'm excited but I have a feeling Melinda is going to bail on me, she has already stated that she is not going but we'll see.

1 more day left until the DEAD POSSUM RIDE!


Joshua Stamper said...

The grass always seems greener when you are looking for places to live, but you are less than an hour from lots of, what I think to be, the best trails in North America, the quality of and cost of living is quite good, and country ham is readily available. Plus in the southeast you can ride year round. CO and the west are great, but their mtb season is only 4-5 months long since snow shuts down most everything. East TN is a veritable shangri-la compared to cough-kansas-cough.

Riding with dogs said...

I hear ya dude, I really don't plan on moving anytime soon. I have lived in the flat country before (TX) so I know where your coming from. I had a rougher than normal couple of weeks @ work and just needed to vent a little. Plus country ham is always worth a little stress.