Thursday, October 28, 2010

getting scary

The day is drawing near and I'm starting to feel the excitement. I've checked almost everything twice some things three times and I'm sure that I will check them again before Melinda starts checking them. I've been so obsessive about getting ready this week I changed a pair of brake pads yesterday that really didn't need changing. I almost changed another set just because they sometimes get noisy but ran out of time.

I've charged all the batteries we have in the house, batteries for the the Hero cam, batteries for almost every light for night riding we own. I'll probably only need one but I've got four on hand just in case. Can you say OCD?

I mounted up Frank to the AIR9 yesterday in an effort to scare the competition a bit, it seemed to work last year. It could've been the rain but I'll give all the props to Frank and his ugly face.

I was hoping to have 2 Hero cams running for the race but it looks as if Alan will be finally putting his to good use filming some CX. This will be the first race I've ever shot footage for and I hope everything turns out as planned.

So far the weather forecast for the weekend has not changed, sunny skies and warm temps, let's hope it stays that way.

If your not heading down to the Hill of Truth race this weekend make plans to head over to Bays Mountain Friday night. The nice folks who run the park have allowed mountain bikes to stay a few hours later than usual and sneak in a night ride. Sadly I will miss this opportunity but maybe they will have a good showing and see a good opportunity.

Dogs wearing glow necklaces & a roaring campfire, now that's how we roll. See you Friday night!

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