Monday, October 18, 2010

vana white and big wheels

Today I finally got around to snapping a few pics of the new Jet9. I have to say I'm quite pleased with it. It's still a bit of a work in progress as I continue to dial it in but I think I'm really gonna like it. I did two rides at Warriors last week in an attempt to get all the bugs worked out before I took it out on any road trips.

I have to admit the Jet is one pretty bike. Originally I was supposed to get a Kermit Green one, that was the color that was being discounted but some where along the line there was a screw up and there were no Kermit Green frames in my size so they offered me the Vana White for the same price. If I had my pick of any color it would have been the white so it was a double score for me.
Once I finished the build I picked it up expecting it to weigh a ton but I was pleasantly surprised at how light it felt for a full squish 29er. I though it would be at least 30 lbs but I weighed it today on the bathroom scale with pedals and it showed 27 lbs. Not bad I thought, especially since there are several components that could stand to be upgraded.
Sunday a few peeps and I headed down to Knoxville for a pre-ride of this years HOT course. Really the course was nothing new, I've ridden just about every trail Haw Ridge has to offer and the course is fairly similar to some of the previous courses we've raced in the past. Any excuse to get out of town and ride something differnt is a good excuse in my book and the weather couldn't have been any better. I took the Jet along for this ride curious to see how it would feel in case I decided to race it on a lap or two a couple of weeks from now. It definitely made the big rocks and roots seem much smaller on Soccer, one of the more technical sections of this years course. I'll probably rock the Air9 for most of the race but the Jet9 might see some action later in the day, I have a feeling it will turn some decent laps times if called into action.

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