Monday, October 11, 2010

What a great day it was on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, the trails were in perfect condition and I was with Melinda and a great group of peeps riding @ Dupont State Forest. Thanks to Richard H. who decided he wanted to get in a good ride for his birthday, I was more than happy to assist him in his B-day wish.

I really don't have alot of great pics to share from the ride as I've posted so many over the last couple of years. I spent the day just enjoying the scenery and the ride rather than fiddling with a camera. There were 3, yes 3, action cams filming during the ride and not a single one of them was mine. I did get mine back in time to take it on the trip but I opted to leave it at home. I am looking forward to seeing other people's version of the sweet singletrack Dupont has to offer. You know who you are and there is no sense in wasting time and money on a camera if your not going to share the footage with the rest of us. Let's see it!
I wasn't sure how big the turn out was going to be yesterday but I was really surprised at the rather large group we had. I think there were around 15 or 16 riders and about half of them were sporting the new NTMBA kits.
Coming up this weekend, the 1st annual NTMBA Poker Ride on Sat Oct 16th. Come out enjoy the ride & free food, all the proceeds go to a good cause. Building sweet singletrack trails, raise your hand if you think we don't need anymore trails.
I didn't think so, the more the better!
Sunday the plan is to head over to Knoxville for a little Haw Ridge action. Hopefully the organizers of the HOT will have the race course posted up so we can do a little pre-ride action.

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